Coloring Book Download

If you’re teaching about the Holy days and feast days you’ll enjoy the coloring book download from St. Anne’s Helper. Even birthdays are great times to have a Catholic coloring book. Children love coloring pictures of their favorite saints and seasons. See the features below.

How will they help you?

As you are teaching about Advent and the coming of Jesus use the Rosary and Joyful Mysteries coloring pages; Lent use the Sorrowful Mysteries pages; Easter and Pentecost use the Glorious Mysteries. When you are teaching about the Ten Commandments you can use the Bible coloring pages.

Are there sacraments coming up? Use the Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation pages to teach about the sacraments or to make greeting cards.

An image of the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary (from the Glorious Mysteries or Pentecost files) is handy to use as a present from little ones for someone who is receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. Use your printer’s booklet setting to print a Confirmation card.

Have a holy day, saint’s day, or feast day coming? Use the Rosary and liturgical season coloring pages and the saints coloring pages. Not only can you print pages for many different saints, you can also make a booklet about the saint or feast day.

There are over 450 coloring pages to print in this download with over 100 that are specifically Catholic. The rest are in files for the seasons, animals, flowers, foods, and many other generic themes that “go with” the Catholic themes or are simply fun to use.

Buying downloadable coloring pages to print keeps plenty of themes on hand so that you do not have to be on the Internet to create projects for your children or students.

You can:

  • Print many copies of the same image for many students.
  • Use your printer settings to create printable birthday cards, multiples for holy cards, etc.
  • Print copies for classes in successive years. You own it for your own use throughout the coming years.
  • Create personal booklets to give as gifts or party favors. Use report holders or spiral binding.
  • Create themed booklets for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter
  • Create themed booklets for secular events, too.

St. Anne’s Helper has a wonderful selection of Catholic, seasonal, patriotic, sports, and secular images that you can use in your classroom or at home. Religious, catechists, teachers, and parents love being able to mix and match images for their students and children throughout the year.

When you buy St. Anne’s Helper’s Coloring Pages To Print, you will receive:

  • Over 450 downloadable coloring pages which includes
  • Over 100 specifically Catholic coloring pages including saints, etc.
  • Advent and Christmas coloring pages.
  • Lent and Easter coloring pages.
  • Animals, seasons, and patriotic coloring pages.
  • Secular coloring pages with themes like flowers and animals.

Find the free samples throughout the site here at St. Anne’s Helper Coloring Pages To Print.