Welcome to Catholic, Etc.’s Interactive Online Coloring Book!

We are happy to bring you an interactive, online coloring book to use and re-use, for free. You can not only color, create, and print right here on Catholic, Etc., but you can also print off any picture for “offline” coloring. As if that’s not enough, all of our pictures are either in the public domain, so you can use and re-use these coloring pages for whatever you need.

Click one of the links in the categories below to get started, or click the button for a random coloring page.

Note: the coloring pages require Flash, so they will not be available to you on iOS devices.


Old Testament Coloring Pages

Before Jesus, there was Adam & Eve, Abraham, Isacc, Jacob, Moses, Daniel, Samson, Isaiah, and many more. Learn about them in these interactive Old Testament coloring pages.

New Testament Coloring Pages

Learn about Christ while coloring scenes from the Annunciation to the Crucifixion, and Jesus' early life and public ministry. Also, color scenes from the Acts of the Apostles and more.

Saints & Angels Coloring Pages

Color the heavenly Seraphim, our guardian angels, great Apostles, Popes, and other holy people.

Catholic Life Coloring Pages

Use the pages to color and learn more about our daily Catholic life. Pictures of priests, rosaries, children in prayer, and more help reinforce our Catholic lifestyle.